Production Screen Tester

The Production Screen Tester is designed to test flow-back of completion fluids on the rig site. It is no longer necessary to ship fluid samples back to the lab and delay the completion operation for days or weeks. Field fluids can be tested in real time with samples of the actual production screen being used […]

Turbidity Meter, Portable

The 2020we Portable Turbidity Meter from LaMotte combines laboratory accuracy and reliability in an extremely compact, portable instrument for turbidity measurement. It is the ideal choice for regulatory monitoring, process water testing, and environmental water analysis in the field or laboratory. With a wide range of 0 – 4,000 NTUs (Nephelometric Turbidity Units), a microprocessor enables […]

Resistivity Meter, Analog

The Digital Resistivity Meter accurately measures the resistivity of fluids, slurries, and semisolids having resistivities from 0.01 to 400 ohm-meters. The digital display shows both resistivity (in ohm-meters) and concentration of NaCl (in ppm, kppm, and gr/gal), as well as temperature (in °C or °F). Features Measures resisitivity of a small sample of fluid, slurry, or semi-solid Range: 0.01 […]

Hydrometer Set

The Hydrometer Kit measures the true specific gravity of liquids in the range of 0.700 to 2.000 specific gravity. The kit consists of eight 265 mm / 10.5″ glass hydrometers and a thermometer range -30° to 120°F in 1° divisions, all packed in a protective foam-lined carrying case. The hydrometer scale is standardized at 60°F. […]

Con 410 Waterproof Conductivity / TDS / Temperature Meter

The CON 410 contains a highly advanced microprocessor that allows the user to switch between conductivity and TDS with a press of a button, while storing up to 50 readings, including temperature. Superior waterproof and dustproof housing allows the CON 410 to be utilized in dirty and wet applications. The cell for the CON 410 […]

Resistivity Meter, Digital

The OFITE Digital Resistivity Meter accurately measures the resistivity of fluids, slurries, and semisolids having resistivities from 0.01 to 400 ohm-meters. The digital display shows both resistivity (in ohm-meters) and concentration of NaCl (in ppm, kppm, and gr/gal), as well as temperature (in °C or °F). Features Equipped with a digital readout for higher accuracy […]


The Calcimeter accurately and quickly determines if scale build up is composed of calcium carbonate. The calcite to dolomite content of the unknown sample aids in determining which chemical treating program to implement. The entire test procedure requires 15 to 30 minutes for both calcite and dolomite determination. Size: 13″ × 8″ × 2.5″ (33 […]

Millipore Membrane Filter Tester

The makeup water for a completion fluid can be studied effectively using a membrane filter tester. The apparatus provides information on biological contaminants, chemical composition, and filtration rates of water and other liquids. The main body of this unique filtering device is a 3200 mL, 5.75″ by 10.5″ transparent cylinder, which has been graduated for […]

Mud Balance, 4 Scale, Metal

The 4-scale Metal Mud Balance features a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) all-machined manufacturing process, instead of the old die-cast molded method which has been used for years. This uniform method of construction results in a much stronger, more rugged instrument that sets the industry standard for accuracy, and is easier to calibrate. The zinc-aluminum alloy […]