Drilling, Cutting & Grinding

Portable core drilling machine

Light and portable: weighs 36 kg only Steel tilting column up to 60-75° Slide with rollers and ball bearings Aluminium base fixable by anchors or vacuum horizontally or vertically ‘ GENERAL DESCRIPTION The machine is composed by three main parts: Electric motor speed reducer Light alloy base with adjustable feet, and wheels Support column These […]

Universal core drilling machine

Full 360° operation for coring at any angle Main column extendable in height up to 3850 mm Robust and stable unit Rack feed (drilling excursion) 1000 mm long 3 working speeds GENERAL DESCRIPTION This robust versatile machine is ideal for field where it is necessary to core at any angle. The extension columns (see accessories) […]

Specimen grinding machine

easy and precise grinding of concrete specimens, natural stones, block pavers, ceramic materials etc. high productivity with large base table for simultaneous grinding up to two concrete cubes 100 and 150 mm or two cylinders dia. 150 and 160 mm or up to 4 rock cores ergonomic compact bench model to safe laboratory space improved […]

Specimen grinding machine

To grind concrete specimens, natural stones, tiles, block pavers, ceramic materials etc. Large base table for grinding contemporaneously up to three 100 mm cubes, or three 150 mm cubes, or two 200 mm cubes and concrete/tile blocks of various sizes (see drawing of working area). For cylinders up to dia. 160×320 mm Motorized radial displacement […]

Universal asphalt and concrete saw, MULTISAW

Specifically designed to fulfill the stringent requirements of the relevant Standards in terms of precision, planarity and perpendicularity of the specimens. High rigidity and stability Slab and prism of any shape and dimensions can be sawn without additional accessories (see table for maximum dimensions) Jig for round cores, from 100 to 150 mm and for […]

Concrete, asphalt, rock and masony saw

This universal saw, completed with the suitable accessory, can be used to cut concrete, asphalt and rock cores, and irregular rock samples in order to obtain geometrically defined samples. It can be fit with 300 to 450 mm dia. blades. The head is adjustable in height. The tilting motor head permit cuts up to 45° […]