Fundamental Hydraulic Studies

P6248 – Osborne Reynolds Apparatus

This Osborne Reynolds experiment may be used to investigate laminar/streamline flow, turbulent flow and the transition between these two regimes by observation of an injected dye line. It may also be used to determine the upper and lower Critical Velocities and Reynolds Number. Data Sheet PDF

P6244 – Hydrostatics Set

This compact set of hydrostatics apparatus enables students to investigate the fundamental properties of non-moving fluids. P6244 is a reduced version of the apparatus supplied with Cussons’ full size P6242 Hydrostatics Bench. Data Sheet PDF

P6242 – Hydrostatics bench

As an independent and self-contained unit, the Hydrostatics Bench enables the students to understand the fundamental properties of non-moving fluids. Experimental coverage includes density and relative density; variation of pressure with head; Hare’s Tube; Pascal’s Law; viscosity; capillarity; surface tension; Archimedes Principle; use of vernier level gauge and the hydraulic press. Data Sheet PDF

P6234 – P6237 – Hydrostatics Experiments

Cussons offers three related experiments mountable on the Hydraulic Bench: Data Sheet PDF DESCRIPTION Consists of P6234 Calibration of Pressure Gauge P6235 Metacentric Height Apparatus P6236 Alternative Hulls P6237 Centre of Pressure Apparatus (Hydrostatic pressure)

P6239 – Water flow measurement

This apparatus can be used on the Hydraulic Bench or used as free-standing apparatus in conjunction with a low pressure water supply. The static head at various points in the flow path is measured enabling students to analyse the behaviour of water flowing through a sudden enlargement, transparent venturi meter, an orifice plate and a […]

P6238 – Free & Forced Vortex Apparatus

The creation of vortices is a common engineering and natural phenomenon worthy of study. This apparatus may be used to plot the shape of free/forced vortices by measurement of surface profile co-ordinates. Data Sheet PDF

P6233 – Impact of jets

This apparatus enables experiments on the reaction of a jet of water upon vanes of various forms (fixed vane, a cone shape or a hemispherical) to be carried out and demonstrates the relationship between the forces exerted on the model and the rate of change of momentum of the jet stream Data Sheet PDF

P6232 – Hydraulic Ram

A hydraulic ram helps to illustrate the principal by which water may be obtained from low lying water sources when no electrical supply is available to power a pump. Data Sheet PDF

P6231 – Bernoulli’s Experiment

This experiment demonstrates the principles of conservation of mass and conservation of energy and may also be used to examine the onset of turbulence in an accelerating stream of water.   Data Sheet PDF

P6227 – P2630 – Water Flow Measurement Range

These four different experiments in comparative flow measurement use various techniques operating on the principle of head loss, impulse or velocity: Data Sheet PDF DESCRIPTION P6227 Venturi Meter P6229 Turbine Meter P6228 Orifice Plate P6230 Pitot Static Tube

P6225/P6226 – Open Channel Weirs

In open channels weirs are commonly used to either regulate or to measure the volumetric flow rate. Cussons offers the following experiments (with multiple weir plates) which may be mounted on the Hydraulic Bench: Data Sheet PDF DESCRIPTION Consists of P6225 Basic Weirs P6226 Advanced Weirs

P6223/P6224 – Orifices Studies

Study of liquid flow through an orifice illustrates the need for a semi-empirical approach. Cussons offers two related experiments – each with multiple orifices – which may be mounted on the Hydraulic Bench: Data Sheet PDF DESCRIPTION Consists of P6223 Basic Orifices P6224 Advanced Orifices

P6212 – P6240- P6213 – Francis Turbine, Pelton Wheel & Kaplan Turbine

This range of turbines provides experiments to study reaction, impulse & axial turbines. These can be conveniently mounted on the Hydraulic Bench. The experiments are performed by pumping water through the turbines with a variable flow rate and using a drum brake system with spring force balance.   Data Sheet PDF

P6220/21/22 – Water Flow In Pipes and Fittings Experiments

  The flow of fluids in closed conduits or pipes is a major topic in mechanical, civil and chemical engineering and is of interest in areas of biology (e.g. blood flow) and medicine (e.g. drip delivery). Cussons offers three experiments, mountable on the Hydraulic Bench: Data Sheet PDF DESCRIPTION Consists of P6220 – Laminar Flow […]

P6211 – Cavitation Demonstration Unit

This compact and cost effective unit provides experimental capabilities to study the cavitation effect including observation of the relationship between cavitation and temperature and observation of the relationships between discharge, velocity and pressure. Data Sheet PDF

P6100 – Hydraulic Bench

The Cussons Hydraulic Bench provides the basic services for pumping and volumetric measurement of water supply. Various optional modules are available to form a comprehensive laboratory facility which enables a detailed Mechanics of Fluids Experimental Course to be followed. The equipment is designed to provide a clear visual appreciation of hydraulic principles and has been […]