Hydraulic Applied Studies

P6360 – Multi-Pump Test Rig

Detailed investigations on both rotodynamic and positive displacement pumps may be performed on this multipurpose test bench which is designed to be self-contained requiring only a single phase electrical supply. Following pumps available as: Data Sheet PDF DESCRIPTION Consists of: P6361 Positive Displacement Gear Pump P6362 Positive Displacement Piston Pump P6363 Rotodynamic Centrifugal Pump P6364 […]

P6290 – Francis Turbine Set

This is a self-contained experiment designed to enable students to study the basic characteristics of the Francis Turbine. It demonstrates the turbine characteristics (torque, power and efficiency) at different conditions and pressure, torque and flow rate are measured and indicated. Data Sheet PDF

P6510 – Network of Pipes Apparatus

This apparatus enables students to conduct a range of experiments on a system of interconnecting series and parallel pipe networks and fluid distribution systems. The unit enables students to obtain a full understanding of the factors affecting flow distribution and the behaviour of pipe network systems. Data Sheet PDF

P6540 – Sediment Transport Apparatus

This relatively compact unit enables students to investigate the full range of forms that arise in a mobile bed as the flow rate and/or slope are increased. The movement of sediment around structures may be examined for scouring and blockage etc. Data Sheet PDF

P6530 – Hydrology Apparatus

This self-contained unit enables students to investigate a range of hydrological phenomena within a compact indoor laboratory facility. It allows the study of basin hydrology cycles; flood and run off hydrographs; effects on civil constructions (bridges and dams); interaction of adjacent wells and elementary fluvial processes such as erosion on hillsides and river meander. Data […]

P6520 – Permeability Apparatus

This unit enables students to investigate the fundamental concepts of soil permeability within a compact indoor laboratory facility to solve problems such as the seepage of water under dams, the abstraction of water from wells and the hydrostatic forces exerted on bridge foundations in the real world. Data Sheet PDF

P6515 – Pipe Surge and Water Hammer Apparatus

This equipment comprises two stainless steel pipes to study water hammer and surge which is a common phenomenon. This apparatus is provided with software oscilloscope facility for display on user supplied PC. Data Sheet PDF

P6247 – Water Flow Visualisation Apparatus

This is a self-contained bench top unit comprising a high-walled flow channel incorporating a detachable glass front panel, light source, inlet tank with removable flow straightener, level control sluice gate, outlet tank, electrically driven circulating pump, interconnecting pipework plus flow control and drain valves. Data Sheet PDF

P6246 – Hele Shaw Apparatus

This two dimensional potential flow apparatus is based upon the well-known Hele Shaw experimental method. It provides a parallel laminar water flow field to allow study of low Reynolds number flow patterns around submerged models representing cylinders, aerofoils, bluff bodies, knife edge weirs and through passages such as valve bodies and nozzles etc. Data Sheet […]

P6249 – Miniature Flow Channel

This apparatus can be used to investigate the flow of water along an open channel and to visualise the flow around objects in its path through the injection of ink. It includes triangular hump section and an undershot weir and demonstration of approximate ‘Specific energy/Depth’ relationships. Data Sheet PDF

P6275/P6410 – Advanced flow channels

Two types of larger flow channel are offered for flexible semi-custom experimental configurations. Either option may be used as a low speed circulating water channel for sedimentation work, at higher flow rates for hydrodynamics work or with wave and wind attachments for coastal engineering studies. The channels come in the following sizes and are constructed […]

P6245/P6255 – Flow channel

These 2.5m and 5m units provide channels with adjustable slope and transparent acrylic sides for full visibility of the flow characteristics. Test models plus an inclinometer and surface profile measuring instrument are used to investigate the flow of water along an open channel and to verify the Chézy equation and Mannings friction factor. Additional experimental […]

P5160 – Friction Loss in Pipes & Fittings

This apparatus enables students to investigate flow through smooth and roughened pipes under laminar or turbulent flow conditions and also flow through fittings and valves. Various methods of flow measurement are covered including the variable area flowmeter (rotameter), venturi, orifice plate and pitot static tube. Data Sheet PDF DESCRIPTION Accessories: P5161 Water Recirculation Unit P6100 […]

P6135 – Series and Parallel Pump Test Set

This unit incorporates two pumps which enables investigations of series and parallel operation of identical pumps running at the same or different speeds. Data Sheet PDF