Air Flow Experiments

P3226 & P3228 – Axial & Centrifugal Fan Demonstration Units

The units have been developed to study the characteristics of Axial and Centrifugal fans enabling a wide range of experimentation capabilities related with flow velocity profile in the pipe aspiration, difference between static pressure, dynamic and total, characteristic of axial and centrifugal curves or axial and centrifugal fan spin. Speed is displayed digitally and a […]

P3224 – Flow in Pipes

To gain a practical appreciation of various topics related to air flow in pipes. Data Sheet PDF

P3222 – Flow through a Bend

To investigate the pressure distribution along the inner and outer walls of a bend in ductwork of rectangular cross-section. Data Sheet PDF

P3208 – Bernoulli’s Apparatus

To visually demonstrate the interchange between static and dynamic pressure as air flows through a duct of variable cross sectional area Data Sheet PDF

P3203 – Flow Measurement Apparatus

To introduce the student to the study of air flow measurement using various types of measuring devices based upon the specifications given in BS848 and BS1042. Data Sheet PDF