Mobile Gas Detection

Dräger X-am® 5000

  The Dräger X-am® 5000 belongs to a generation of gas detectors, developed especially for personal monitoring applications. This 1- to 5-gas detector reliably measures combustible gases and vapors as well as O2 and harmful concentrations of toxic gases, organic vapors, odorant and amine.   Benefits Ergonomic mobile phone design Despite its advanced functionality, the Dräger X-am®5000’s practical mobile phone […]

Dräger Chip-Measurement-System®

  The world’s only Chip Measurement System® (CMS) makes spot measurements as easy as 1, 2, 3: insert chip—start measurement—read measurement result on the LCD display. The Dräger CMS combines the advantages of the Dräger-Tubes® with those of an optoelectronic analysis system. Two components define the system: the analyser and the substance-specific chip. Benefits Simple to use […]

Dräger Gas Vision Software

  Save measurement results and professionally configure gas detection devices – all that is possible with the tailor-made Dräger software.   Benefits Document and archive Using Dräger GasVision software, all datalogger results can be collected in one location. This provides safe, secure and easy access to the right data at any time. Moreover, the collected […]

Dräger simultaneous test sets

  Risks and potential dangers at a glance: The simultaneous test sets allow the measurment of five different gases at the same time.   Benefits Simultaneous measurement Simultaneous test sets are configured with five Draeger tubes which have been specially calibrated to operate as a unit. The air to be monitored is simultaneously drawn in […]

Dräger X-dock® 5300/6300/6600

  Automatic bump tests, calibration, reduced test gas consumption, short testing times, and comprehensive documentation come standard in this new device from Dräger, the experts in gas detection.   Benefits Work smarter, work safer The X-dock® engineered advantage all starts with intuitive touchscreen operation at the master controller station where up to three test routines can […]

Dräger X-zone® 5500

  Dräger’s X-zone 5500 brings a safer, more effective way to monitor hazardous gases–reinventing area monitoring. In combination with the Dräger X-am® 5000, 5100, or 5600 gas detection instruments, the X-zone® 5500 can be used for the measurement of up to six gases and extends the range of your portable gas detection technology exponentially.   Benefits Innovative […]

Dräger X-am® Pump

  The Dräger X-am® Mark II Pump is an external pump for the Dräger X-am® 2500, 5000, and 5600 portable gas detectors—designed for clearance measurement, for example in tanks and shafts. The pump automatically switches on when it is connected to a running X-am® device. The change from pump mode to diffusion mode is fast and easy.   […]

Dräger sampling tubes and systems

  High precision guaranteed: The Dräger sampling tubes and systems are very reliable in use even with complex compounds and mixtures of substances. Benefits Accurate and reliable results The hazardous substances in the air are collected using a suitable medium – such as activated carbon, silica gel, or molecular sieves. The sample is then analyzed […]

Dräger X-am® 5600 Personal Monitor

  Featuring an ergonomic design and innovative infrared sensor technology,the Dräger X-am® 5600 is the smallest gas detection instrument for the measurement of up to 6 gases. Ideal for personal monitoring applications, this robust and water-tight detector provides accurate, reliable measurements of explosive, combustible and toxic gases and vapors as well as oxygen.   Benefits Small yet […]

Dräger X-act® 5000

  The automatic tube pump Dräger X-act® 5000 is the first all-in-one solution designed for measurements with Dräger Short-term Tubes and for Sampling Tubes and Systems. Ease of operation and a high degree of reliability compliment the measurement and sampling of gases, vapors and aerosols. Benefits Versatile and robust The Dräger X-act 5000 introduces a new […]

Dräger X-am® 7000

  Dräger X-am 7000 is the innovative solution for the simultaneous and continuous measurement of up to five gases. It is the ideal companion in a variety of applications where the reliable detection of oxygen, toxic and combustible gases and vapours is necessary. Benefits Very robust design The Dräger X-am 7000 is protected against dust […]

Dräger X-am® 2500

  Dräger’s X-am® 2500 accurately detects O2, CO, NO2, SO2 and H2S and is the only 1-4 gas monitor you need in industrial, mining and refinery applications. The X-am 2500 combines reliable sensor technology with long battery life and intuitive operation in an instrument that defines safety. Benefits Matrix Display The X-am 2500 has a large, easy […]

Dräger X-am® 5100

  For manufacturing petrochemical products, aseptic packing, or handling of rocket fuel: the Dräger X-am 5100 portable single-gas detector ensures safe handling of HF, HCl, H2O2 or hydrazine – thanks to proven Dräger sensor technology and a device design which is perfectly customized to reactive gases. Benefits Your advantages at a glance Continuous, precise and […]

Dräger-Tubes® for short-term measurements

  The Draeger short-term detector tubes have proven to be a very cost-effective and reliable way to measure toxic gases and vapors in the workplace. Benefits Fast and reliable measuring More than 200 different Dräger-Tubes® are available to accurately make spot measurements for over 500 gases and vapors. Fields of applications A great number of […]

Dräger X-zone® 5500 with Advanced 3D Communications

  Dräger’s X-zone® 5500 reinvented area monitoring gas detection. Now, with the addition of Dräger’s X-zone® 5500 advanced 3D communications you have the ability to transmit key data to a workstation situated anywhere in the world. Especially designed to function in the harshest of operating environments, the Dräger X-zone® 5500 with advanced 3D communications is particularly suitable for use in Oil […]

Dräger Bio-Check Allergen Control

  Exposure to the allergens of house dust mites is one of the most common causes of allergies. Dräger Bio-Check Allergen Control quickly reveals the presence of these allergens. Benefits Description The Dräger-Bio-Check Allergen Control rapid-test allows the user to conduct an on-site analysis of house dust mite allergens. The table supplied with Dräger-Bio-Check Allergen […]

Dräger Bio-Check Formaldehyde

  Dräger-Bio-Check F is an enzyme-based badge measurement system for conducting guideline measurements of formaldehyde which can be used without any additional accessories. Benefits Description Dräger-Bio-Check F is an enzyme-based badge measurement system for conducting guideline measurements of formaldehyde which can be used without any additional accessories. Dräger-Bio-Check F has been tested by a number […]

Calibration gas and accessories

Strictly to rule: For the safe operation of devices, applicable regulations and statutory provisions are to be met and complied with. Therefore, regular calibrations and function tests are necessary. Available for that are different systems, which meet a wide range of calibration requirements. Benefits Single gas and mixtures of reliable quality Dräger provides single gases […]

Dräger MSI Variox-2

  Single gas analyzer in seven versions: The Dräger MSI VARIOx-2 is a complete family of electronic single gas analysis devices for measuring gas concentrations in flue gas from combustion and industrial processes. enefits Various versions for use in different fields Seven different versions of the Dräger MSI VARIOx-2 can measure concentrations of O2, CO2, […]

Dräger Bump Test Station

    Easy to use, stand-alone and flexible: With the Bump Test Station, function tests of gas detection and warning devices can be carried out easily and independently of the location. Benefits Easy to use The Bump Test Station does require electrical power, providing complete mobility and freedom to locate where needed. The easy to […]

Dräger E-Cal®

  Check, control and calibrate portable gas measuring devices at any time: Dräger E-Cal, the automatic test and calibration station is made for it. Benefits Low costs, low expenditure The automatic test and calibration station Dräger E-Cal includes up to ten different device modules. As the calibration and adjustment of the Dräger measuring instruments can […]

Dräger Pac® 5500

  Long-lasting quality is key when it comes to workplace safety. The Dräger Pac® 5500 has no lifetime limitation and is ideal for fast and accurate personal monitoring and detection of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide or oxygen. Benefits Tailor-Made for Tough Industrial Assignments Dräger has specifically designed the Pac® 5500 to meet tough industrial requirements such […]

Dräger Catalytic Ex-Sensors

  The Draeger Sensor Catalytic Ex-Sensors measure multiple gases at the same time–combustible gases and vapors in the air. Benefits Resistance to poisoning DrägerSensors are robust and easy to handle, and with the DrägerSensor CatEx PR Technology, we have succeeded in developing particularly long-term stable catalytic Ex sensors. Hydrogen sulfide and silicones are known catalytic […]

Dräger Pac® 3500

  Workplace safety devices need to be fast and accurate. That is why the Dräger Pac® 3500 is ideal for the personal monitoring of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide or oxygen, along with being maintenance-free for up to two years. Benefits Compact and Robust The device is light-weight and compact while offering excellent wear comfort. The stable, […]

Dräger Flow Check

  The easiest way to find out how the wind blows: With the Flow Check air flow indicator even slightest air movements are visible – at the push of the button. Benefits Better room temperature and air quality For the optimal setting of air conditioning systems, air flows have to be located accurately and precisely. […]

Infrared sensors

  Compact and powerful: The durable Dräger infrared sensors work very accurately and precisely, even in oxygen-free atmospheres. Benefits Free of poisoning Dräger infrared (IR) sensors do not poison like traditional catalytic sensors. Extremely accurate and precise Dräger infrared sensors are characterized by a very high degree of accuracy. Durable With warranty periods of up […]

Dräger Aerotest Alpha

  For the purity measurement of breathing air in the low-pressure range, the Dräger Aerotest Alpha offers top quality. Benefits Tested breathing air Using the Dräger Aerotest Alpha, it is possible to determine the quality of the breathing air which is supplied by a compressor or a compressed gas cylinder. By means of the test […]

Dräger Air Flow Tester

  Air flow test tubes can be used universally. Air flows are quick and easy to see. Benefits Quick information In many fields, such as mining or industry, it is very important to detect even the smallest air flows, in order to quickly and reliably evaluate the possible diffusion of dangerous substances. With the air […]

Dräger Aerotest Simultantest CO2

  The Dräger SimultanTest CO2 enables the purity measurement of carbon dioxide in the low-pressure range up to 3 bar. Benefits Tested and approved determination The test system was developed and designed specifically for the use in the beverages industry, but is applied in a wide field of operations (e.g. in the chemical and petrochemical […]

PID sensors

  Be on the safe side: Many explosive hazardous substances are toxic for humans, at levels markedly below the LEL (Lower Explosion/Explosive Limit) and cannot be detected at these levels by using only catalytic sensors. Reliable detection of such substances in the ppm range is accomplished using photoionization detectors (PIDs). Benefits Perfect protection by means […]

Dräger diffusion tubes

  Direct-reading Dräger diffusion tubes were developed especially for personal exposure monitoring. Benefits Description These systems do not require the use of a gas detector pump because the contaminant molecules pass into the tube by diffusion processes and in this manner are brought into contact with the reagent systems. PDF Configurations Acetic Acid 10/a-D Part […]

DrägerSensor® XXS

  A small sensor – a giant step into the future: The new DrägerSensor XXS is remarkably compact, and boasts an even higher performance than the competition. Benefits Excellent long-term stability and short response times Excellent long-term stability and short response times contribute to the user being rapidly and reliably warned about dangerous gases. Constant […]

DrägerSensor® XS

  DrägerSensors XS are ahead of the field thanks to their high reliability and warranty periods of up to 5 years. Dräger’s smart technology allows simple sensor installation and switching using plug-and-play. Benefits Large range of gases DrägerSensors XS can be used to measure over 100 different gases and vapors. The sensors stand out thanks […]

Dräger Pac® 7000

  Safety in the workplace always takes top priority. The Dräger Pac 7000 provides a reliable warning against dangerous concentrations of 12 different gases depending on the sensor selection. Another unique option to the device is its five-year warranty for the H2S, O2 and CO versions. Benefits Warns Against Hazardous Gas Concentrations The device reliably […]