Incubation hood TH 30

Project Description

Heating and cooling chambers with standard and UV-lighting. Combined with the SM-shakers it can be used either as a complete shaking incubator or independently. A socket for smaller appliances is mounted inside the hood.

Standard features:

  • Coated metal casing with 3 windows
  • The front door opens upwards
  • Safety switch-off of UV-light and automatic stop of shaker when front door is opened (when combined with universal shakers SM 30)

Technical specifications:

Ideal for temperatures 5 °C above room temperature to 50 °C
Temperature constancy ±1 % of desired value
Lighting Standard 15 W
UV-lighting 15 W
Temperature sensor PT 100
lnner dimensions (W x D x H) 660 x 540 x 430 mm
(High enough for 2 l Erlenmeyer flasks)
Outer dimensions (W x D x H) 680 x 610 x 560 mm
Weight 33 kg
Current 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Project Details