MicroPlate Genie®-series microtitre plate shakers

Project Description

Specially designed for small samples in MT plates.

  • Circular movement
  • High speed for optimal mixing

MicroPlate Genie®
For powerful shaking of 1 MT plate.

Digital MicroPlate Genie® Pulse
like MicroPlate Genie®, but with extra functions:

  • Digital display of speed and running time
  • Choice of standard shake mode or pulse mode
  • Depending on the selected pulse and pause duration, rapid and vigorous mixing or an intermittent mixing function is available
  • Pulse and pause duration (On/Off) is adjustable from 0.1 sec to 99 min

Multi-MicroPlate Genie®
For reliable shaking of 4 MT plates. An additional attachment for a further 4 MT plates is optional (please order separately).

Technical specifications:

Type MicroPlate Genie® Digital MicroPlate Genie® Pulse Multi-MicroPlate Genie®
Number of microtitration plates for 1 MT plate for 4 MT plates
(8 MT plates with
optional attachment)
Speed control range (rpm) 750 to 2700 500 to 2850 750 to 2700
Shaking amplitude (mm) 1
Speed display/Timer Scale/Scale Digital / Digital Scale/Scale
Time range 1 to 60 min / continuous duty
Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 165 x 165 x 165 350 x 240 x 165
Weight (kg) 2.75 3.7
Power supply 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Project Details